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SP Series Vibrating Feeder

Product Features: Double vibration motor drive, suspension or seat type installation, adjustable installation angle for 0-10 °

SP series is a new type of vibrating feeder developed by SBM on the basis of many years of practical experience in R & D, combined with the practical application of feeding and conveying equipment, and widely drawing on the independent R & D of cash metal at home and abroad. The equipment is simple and compact in structure, high in production capacity, reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance. It can be used to evenly and continuously feed small and medium-sized block, grain and powder materials from the storage bin to the receiving device. It is an ideal upgrading product of the traditional GZG or GZD Inertial Vibration Feeder.

Working Principle

SP series vibrating feeder adopts vibrating motor as the excitation source, and two vibrating motors are placed on the tank body at the rear or side. Its working principle is that two vibrating motors rotate in the opposite direction. When the motor rotates, the eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor generate the exciting force, and the driving equipment makes reciprocating linear vibration in the inclined direction of the feeding tank. When the component of tank vibration acceleration is greater than the component of gravity acceleration in the vertical direction, the materials in the tank are thrown up, and jump forward according to the trajectory of parabola. Every time the tank vibrates, the materials are thrown up once, so that the materials continuously jump forward at the tank vibration frequency, so that the materials are pushed slowly from the feeding end to the discharging end to achieve the purpose of feeding.

  • Stronger Feeding Capacity

    Using double vibration motor as the source of vibration, the vibration intensity is large and the feeding capacity is strong. It can better provide stable and sufficient feeding quantity for the secondary or tertiary crusher receiving materials at the rear end and improve the processing capacity of the equipment on the plant.

  • Better for Various Working Conditions

    In the design, a variety of process requirements are fully considered, and the suspension type or seat type installation is adopted. On the premise of ensuring the feeding and reliable performance, the equipment is better used in various complex working conditions.

  • Convenient Adjustment of Feeding

    The installation angle can be adjusted between 0-10 °, and the eccentricity of the vibration motor can be adjusted to change the magnitude of the exciting force, so as to achieve the effect of adjusting the feeding amount; the frequency converter can also be configured to adjust according to the demand, so as to realize the stepless adjustment of the feeding amount.

  • Simple Structure & Lower Maintenance Cost

    The equipment is composed of three parts: tank body, support spring and vibration motor. The tank body adopts reinforced design, which is firm and reliable; the drive structure of Italian brand vibration motor is adopted without rotating moving parts, which is convenient and reliable for operation and maintenance.

Type Bin Size Maximum Input Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Vibration Frequency(r/min) Double Amplitude(mm) Installation Angle(°) Power Boundary Dimension
SP0816 800X1600 265 180-220 1470 3–4 0(0-10) 0.75×2 1789×1284×1544
SP0816Z 800X1600 265 180-220 1470 3-4 0(0-10) 0.75×2 1789X1327X918
SP1220 1200X2000 400 400-500 1470 3-4 0(0-10) 1.2X2 2217X1597X1548
SP1220Z 1200X2000 400 400-500 1470 3-4 0(0-10) 1.2×2 2217X1731X970
SP1623Z 1600X2250 500 700-850 970 3-5 8(0-10) 2×2 2467X2151X1211

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